San Antonio Zoo

We went to the zoo. Katie tried to talk to the animals and got mad at them when they didn’t say hi back. Otherwise she had the best time ever. I gave Hailey the camera and let her take all the pictures.


Family Portraits

Hailey has drawn each member of the family. I like mine because I have more hair.

Dusty, Portrait by Hailey
Brianna, Portrait by Hailey
Hailey, Self Portrait
Katie, Portrait by Hailey

Happy Birthday Katie.

Katie is three today. Happy May Day.

Katie, April 2009



What's Up? Seriously

The set.


Katie's Phrases

Katie’s phrase of the moment is, “Help me daddy.” She uses this to request help with: getting out of the car, opening her snacks, going up the stairs, getting dressed, and others.


Katie's Pigtails

Mom gave Katie pigtails this weekend. She enjoyed shaking her head side to side to make her hair twirl and flip around.

Mischievous Grin


Words Katie Knows

No!, Ouch, Oh No!, All Done, Aqua, ball, Whoa!, more, snack, dog, Owen, mine, Daddy, Mommy, Papa, Nanny, hot, waffle, please, meow, moo


A Scrape

Katie fell and scraped her knee while walking to the car after school. She barely noticed that she was bleeding.

In the bath she notice the scab on her knee and tried to wash it off with her washcloth. She tried three or four times scrubbing harder with each iteration. Finally, she turned to me with washcloth in hand and said, “Please?”


Katie in the Colts

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Ms. Katie is one today. Happy birthday.

Simultaneously, It seems like you just got here and that you have been here forever. I’m amazed at how different two children can be. Your almost walking. Always talking, in your own way. So full of personality.

Happy Birthday Katie.